EDTU Herbarium is established at 1983 at Trakya University Department of Biology under the presidency of Prof. Dr. Husnu DEMIRIZ who is one of the lecturers of the Istanbul University Faculty of Science Botanic USA. Head of Department of Botanic, Dr. Goksel OLGUN and expert Feruzan DANE have participated in the establishment studies. Dr. Neriman OZHATAY has also joined the studies later. The aim of the establishment of Herbarium is primarily to collect the plants of Trakya–which has a rich flora – included in the A1(E)-A2 (E) square areas at the EDTU Herbarium and to present the flora richness of our country to students and the public. Besides, the preservation of the extincting plant, determination and protection of the economically and in other means beneficial plants are among our objectives. In this scope there is traffic of information between Herbariums in our country and the ones abroad. The field works have been carried on by the Botanic Department personnel and the master students by collecting plants. Later, these samples have been turned into herbarium material. In the continuation of the study, Dr Husnu DEMIRIZ, who is not with us now, has made field trips with Dr. Baki KASAPLIGIL from University of California (Berkeley) at intervals, have collected many taxa’s samples and brought in to the Herbarium. In addition, a Fungus Herbarium was established with the mushrooms collected and determined at studies of Res. Assistant Ahmet ASAN, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fahrettin GÜCİN and Dr. Georgi STOJCHEV.

Between 1988-1994, Dr. Feruzan DANE, between 1995-1998 Dr. Celal YARCI, between 1999-2003, performed their duties as the responsible people. Under the responsibility of Dr. Hayati ARDA, herbarium has been revised by Dr. Mehmet AYBEKE, Dr. Necmettin Guler and Laborant Huseyin ERSOY. Since 2007 Sept. Assist. Prof. Dr. Mehmet AYBEKE  have been head of Herbarium.


         In the herbarium, the plants which have been collected at the field studies are being preserved at the herbarium cupboards, after the preparation process. These studies have been performed at the herbarium which consists of two parts. One laboratory is being used for the preparation of the plants brought from the field. Other part of the herbarium contains the cupboards used for preserving the plants. There are instruments like the deep freeze used at the preparation process, the binocular dissection microscope and light microscope at the herbarium.   

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