A herbarium is a collection of plant samples preserved for long-term study. These collections are diverse, including pressed, dried and mounted plants, seeds, wood sections, pollen, microscope slides, frozen DNA extractions, and fluid-preserved plant specimens (esp. flowers or fruits). The practice of herbarium taxonomy encompasses specialized techniques used to preserve and study the collections stored in a herbarium.
The University of Trakya Herbarium is a unit of the Faculty of Sciences and Letters. The herbarium is affiliated with the Department of Biology, Section of Botany. The EDTU acronym is the standard international abbreviation for the University of Trakya Herbarium. The herbarium and the associated collections (wood, cone, fungi, economic botany) have combined holdings of approximately 15 thousand specimens. Our mission focuses in plant collections acquisition and care, research based on the collections, education and public service.
Databases / Imaging
Our computer databases and image galleries are being developed with a thematic focus. The collections catalog includes ca. 15,000 searchable specimens. Digital image sets will include the herbarium's specimens, fungi, plants of Trakya.